How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee is utter bliss and hard to come by. While a lot of us don’t have time to make a proper cup of coffee for ourselves in the morning, many of us just don’t know how to get that cup of coffee right.

So for all those who wish to make a perfect cup of coffee at home and not just once, but every day, we have listed down a few things to follow to get it right. These steps will ensure that your magical coffee is ready and you can replicate it whenever you want.

Step 1: Get Fresh Coffee Beans

Make sure you get completely fresh coffee beans whose roast date and not ‘best by’ date is in the past two weeks.Fresh beans will give you a richer flavor as its oil wouldn’t have evaporated yet. It is best to buy from a local roaster to ensure that your coffee beans are fresh. Once you have bought your coffee beans, make sure that you store it properly in a dark, tight area so that oxygen and light cannot harm its aroma or flavor.

Step 2: Grind it yourself

Once you start the process of grinding your coffee, it will start losing its quality. So make sure that you don’t get ground coffee for yourself and grind your coffee just before you brew it to ensure that you get a rich and quality flavored coffee at home. For this, you might need to buy an appropriate grinder.

Step 3: Count your beans

The ratio is an important part of making a good cup of coffee. Make sure that you take only 25 grams of coffee beans and 350 grams of water while grinding them.

Step 4: Take good water

Ensure that you use a good, distilled water and not something which tastes of chlorine or carbon. An ill-flavored water could ruin your coffee for good, and then nothing can save it.

Step 5: Perfect the temperature

Boil your water and then take it off and let it be for 30 seconds. Once that is done, make sure that your brewing temperature is between 190 degrees F and 205 degrees F as that is the perfect temperature to brew your coffee. This can be a rather hard feat since you’re doing it manually if you do not have the time and bandwidth for it, I’d suggest you go with either a semi-automatic espresso machine or a commercial one if you have the budget for it.

Step 6: Start the heat source

Once you are ready with all your ingredients, time to start the heating stove and set a cup with a pour-over cone on the scale. Once you are done, apply a filter and rinse it with water and then dump that water away.

Step 7: Use quality filters

Make sure you use a good quality filter which won’t alter the taste of your coffee with their inferior quality. Go for filters which would enhance your coffee’s taste while not collecting sediments if your coffee is ground too finely.

Step 8: Pour the water

Once you have added the ground coffee to the filter, slowly pour a little water around 25-30 grams and let it mix with the ground coffee. Once you see that the coffee puffs have settled down, and in the rest of the water and leave it be for 2-3 minutes.

Step 9: Taste the coffee

Your coffee is now ready and will taste delicious. If it doesn’t taste right and tastes a little bitter, ground your coffee a little coarser in the next round. Experiment around with your grinder and get the perfect ground coffee. Once you have achieved that, you will be rewarded with the perfect flavored coffee for the rest of your life.

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